“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Maria Robinson

Why bloggin?

I've been starting this blog in July 2011 trying to create more awareness to vegetarism.I've become a vegetarian in January 2011 and realised it is pretty difficult to switch from a meat-loving diet to a meat and cruelty free diet. One day I was standing in the supermarket ready to make some dinner and all I was thinking was: A piece of meat, fish with vegetables and rice, pasta or potatoes and I realised this is not the way to vegetarism and if we keep thinking this way we will never enjoy vegetarism. So I realised we have to start to be creative. We have to get rid of old and useless patterns and start eating food which suits our body. I've realised as a veggie the basic ingredients are different. Grains and/or vegetables with legumes, beans, nuts, seeds or dairy are the right and perfect combination for an healthy food lifestyle...Make sure you at least eat one meal a day with this combination.

On the path to a more healthier lifestyle, I've become more aware of what our body needs, what our soul needs and I realised that we as humans are not all the same. Some people really need a specific food in their lifes or in a specific period and others do not. I've been doing an ayurvedic nutrition course just to get back to basics and learn more about an happy & healthy lifestyle. I've been using this knowledge as a basic ingredient for the food and the recipes I share on this blog.

The main reason for starting this blog is because I wanted to show people that it's actually not that hard to not eat meat. And that there are so many other foods you can use in your cooking. Besides thinking of your footprint on earth, being compassionated to all living beings, you are also creating awareness about your food. Once thinking of what you can cook and what you can eat, you will be getting more aware of the possibilities and you will be realising more and more what you put in to your body and what that means for you and the world.


I've started this blog in Dutch (my motherlanguage) but now realising (since I'm on Instagram - follow me @everythinggrowswithlove) that I want to change it to English, so more people can enjoy my blog. Currently I'm in the transition to change the blog to a more basic lay out, everything in English but which also means you still might find some Dutch recipes. In the near future it probably be all in English but it does take some time to translate it all. So please be patient for more English content;-)

One last note

As a little girl I've always love to read and to write, and growing up, somedays I totally forgot about my passions..One other reason to start this blog is not only to share my passions with you, but enjoying one of my first passions again. I do have to be honest with you guys...In the last year I didn't really took the time to write more about my passion and all I did was sharing a recipe..I totally lost sight of what I wanted to achieve;  share my passion with you..So from now on..you might not find every day new recipes, but I will take the time to write a bit more, share some inside information, some points of view, some inspirational moments and words with you. And not to forget some delicious, mostly vegan and some vegetarian recipes.

Much Love,