Why Vegan/Vegetarian?

Why did I become a vegetarian, an almost vegan? Why did I care about how we treat animals and just see them as food? Why do I care about what I put into my body? Because I love myself, the world and every living creatures in it.

Just to go back in time a little earlier, I never really cared about animals and healthy food. I never really cared about me and what I fed my body with. My body, was my body and although it didn't feel like my body, it also wasn't connected with my mind. So first lessons were learned here..

I did realised somethings had to change and starting to learn more about life, I started to learn more about loving myself. About me and my body and the connection between it. I also got my cute little girly cat roomie almost 4 years ago and she showed me the "animal world". Because of living with her, I realised that animals do feel pain too, they feel fear, hunger, sadness, happiness and all other "human" feelings. I probably knew it already but just never realised it. So she actually opened my eyes and everytime I was seeing a documentary, I realised how these chickens, cows and all other farm/food animals must feel. How scared they must be. You know: a tear means the same in every language. Not very later I actually start thinking about becoming a vegetarian. I tried to eat meat only for 2 or 3 times per week in the first 6 months and became more aware of all the chemicals, antibiotics (basically all crap) in this food (Can you still even call it food). 

Change! & Awareness

The end of december 2010 I got a fever, a pretty big fever and it took quiet some time to recover. I realised that I never ever want to feel that bad as I have felt this 2 weeks that I was sick and I have decided to quit meat immediately. The actual journey was starting now, as I had to get rid of old food patterns and have to be more creative about the food I eat. Not did I only got more creative, I also got more aware of what is in our food, what I put into my body and how all food/animals are treated (that includes cows producing milk too). I realised that only vegetarian food is not enough, but organic is a step so much closer. I realised, that not all food is good for our body, but listening to what are body tells us is again a step so much closer. So on the vegeterian path to more kindness, health and compassion, I did not only give the animals, the third world countries and the loving earth a present. I gave myself the most beautiful present ever; Awareness. Awareness of the food I eat, the things my body says, the food I nourish my body and mind with and difference between a lovely organiccaly grown fruit or vegetable and a piece of dead meat full of antibiotics and chemicals.. crap!

And then again, also here is still so much to learn, and i'm learning every day again to be just a bit more healthier then yesterday. Come join my journey towards a life full of health, happiness and awareness!

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