Saturday, 27 April 2013

Do you know your food?


What's in your food?

Do you have any idea what is in your food? Do you know where your food comes from? Do you know who it produces and do you have any idea what you put into your body? Do you eat processed food such as wraps from a package, curries from a jar? Do you have any idea what's inside those jars, cans and packages?

Most processed food is filled with chemicals, flavours which aren't natural, insects, bugs and a lot more of crap. They put those in our food so it won't go bad too fast. But that is just one of the many reasons. Food, which is still good after some particular time are basically things you can't call food anymore. To be honest all processed food you can't call food anymore. They have made rules years ago where the food industries are allowed to add all these flavours and chemicals which in the end causes a lot of diseases such as cancer. As many researches have shown. Diseases such as cancer have been growing in the last 50 years and they are growing every day again by not being aware of what you eat and put into your body. 

And what about our fruit, veggies and meat?

Did you know they spray all kinds of chemicals on our non organic fruit and veggies? Just so the colour will be brighter, the food will be bigger and it won't go bad too fast. These are again chemicals which causes diseases and which are body isn't used to and makes it harder too digest. And what about meat? Do you eat non-organic meat? A food full of antibiotics and a true healthkiller. Is this something you can still call food too? Did you know that actually all kinds of meat are difficult to digest for the human body? That some meat can stay in our colon for more then 50 years, rotting in our body? Do you really believe this is healthy? And that the human body really needs meat? 

Do you have any idea where meat comes from? How slaughterhouses massively kill those cows and those cute little piggy's, just for some beef and bacon? If those slaughterhouses had glass walls, you probably would never eat meat again. Besides that, there is nothing natural about all those 100.000 billions of animals slaughtered every day so we can have our meat every day again. On our eggs, with a sandwich and for dinner. And what about the way they treat all those animals turned into meat. Do you think they have a lovely life? Do you think they were treated with respect? If you dare to find out, you'll see yourself there is nothing respectfull and natural about it. Do you also believe that all that meat coming from pain and fear is good for our body? That this energy and this meat is truly nourishing? And have you ever thought about all the food for those slaughtered animals?

What do we feed our meat?

We feed our slaughtered animals tons and tons of grains. 70-80% of our grains is for our piece of meat. You need 5 kilo's of grains for just 1 kilo of meat. Did you know that all those grains are fed together with all kinds of chemicals to the animals that we eat? Besides that, do you have any, any idea where all those grains come from? We grow all those grains in third world countries in Africa and use all of their land so we can feed our meat. Which also means that people in Africa don't have any land left to grow their own grains and veggies and that 40.000 children die EVERY DAY due to the food they don't have and eat. Is your piece of meat worth that? 

Did you also know that we grow more grains in countries like Brasil, where they have to take down tropical forest so we again are able to grow our grains for our slaughtered animals. Have you ever thought about all those animals living in those forest. Where did they go to? Are they still alive?

Our footprint, an hungry world and creating awareness!

Have you ever even thought of this all before eating that hamburger? Before using that pasta sauce from a jar? Did you realised your impact on the world? That if the western world stopped eating meat, the world hunger would be gone. But that already one person can make a difference. Sometimes it is just good to think about where your food is from, what's in it and what you put into your body. Try to create some awareness in the food you eat and the food you serve and create an happy and healthy world. I serve the food I know the story behind. Which just literally means, I only use whole organic foods and make my own sauces and put them in my own jar. They might go bad very quickly, at least I know what's in it;-)

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