Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sometimes silence is the answer

Some days might seem hard, difficult and just not easy. If you are in a place where your mind takes you over and where your mind takes you wander and you just don't know where to start anymore. Keep breathing. Keep breathing. Keep breathing.

In those situations life may get a bit rough. We are overthinking, worrying too much and are too much in our head. We can't seem to find the answers no more to the actual "easy things" in life.Those moments we just forget about our body, and to be in our body. Our head takes us everywhere, too the biggest problems, the things we think we can not achieve. Our head takes us up and down, makes us insecure, makes us re-thinking the past and makes us see the problems. We are too much in our head in those moments.

So take a deep breath, be aware of you in your body, where both mind and body are connected. Breathe towards your belly and just follow your breath. Let the breath take you inside. Inside, where there is nothing but just silence. Go find that special place and be in silence. Let there be nothing, leave your worries, thoughts and everything else outside of your body and dive into the silence and be in peace. 

The silence can give you answers. The silence can show you your path, what to do, where to go. Just make sure you don't force it. Be in silence and on the road to silence you will find your way. Be patience and all the answers will be coming your way.  

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