Thursday, 25 April 2013

Vegan banana buckwheat pancakes

I truly love pancakes. It's not that I eat them a lot..(well, I might make some tonight as well..) But they remind me of my childhood. You can fill pancakes with any kind of filling. Savory with (vegan) cheese, vegetables, spices, nuts and seeds or sweet, cooked together with fruit, syrups, sugars and again spices and nuts and seeds. There are so many options in the pancake world. There are so many options in the VEGAN pancake world too.

As I'm still a bit new to the vegan world, I actually just found out about vegan pancakes. Best thing I ever bought so far was the egg-replacer. Since a short time I'm trying to ditch the eggs..(more cruelty which I never expected) so, this egg-replacer is a great way to replace the real eggs. Too be honest, I'm not using them a lot, but it's coming in very handy when it comes to pancakes etc. In Holland you can find egg replacer from Organ at "De Tuinen" or at "Ekoplaza" and I'm sure there are many more stores where you can find them.

What do you need for this delicious basic pancakes with banana?

* 5 to 6 pancakes
* 20 minutes

- 2 very ripe banana's mashed up in a bowl
- 200 grams of buckwheat flour
- 3 eggs from Egg Replacer
- 250-350 ml non dairy milk (depending on how thick you want the pancakes to be)
- a pinch of salt
- 50 ml water

- extra virgin coconut oil

Mix all ingredients in a bowl until very smooth. You can do this with a fork or an handmixer. It's not that hard;-). Put a teaspoon of coconut oil in a small non-stick pan and heat the oil. Put a big soup-spoon with the pancake mixture in the coconut oil and bake the mixture for a few minutes on each side. Do the same with the rest of the pancake mixture and put a little bit of coconut oil every time you prepare a new pancake.

You can eat your pancakes with maple/agave syrup, dried fruits, cinnamon, nuts and seeds or any other things you feel like eating with. Enjoy your healthy bananan buckwheat pancakes!

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  1. Hi! Klinkt super:)Wat is het merk van die vervanger? Heb hem nog nooit gezien! Gebruik zelf vaak chia-/lijn zaad met water als vervanger, maar dit klinkt ook handig