Friday, 5 April 2013

Raw cacao bliss balls

You know these days when you are craving for something sweet? Especially after dinner you sometimes feel like eating something sweet and delicious. I found out that I always needed to have some dates in my kitchen. As you can do anything with them. Put them in a smoothie, salad, eat them as a snack from the hand or you can add them in some middle eastern dishes. Yumm!!! But the best is: you can make some lovely bliss balls with them;-) From cookie dough balls, to fruity chocolate chip balls. 

My favourites are: the cacao bliss balls. They are delicious and you can roll them in any kind of garnish you like. What do you need to have in your kitchen for these easy to make, delicious and healthy bliss balls (no sugar, no refined fats, just healthy nuts/seeds/dates and yumminesss..)

* 20 balls (you can eat them by yourself, but it's a lovely treat to share)

- 16-18 pitted medjoul dates
- 4 tspn (raw) cacao powder
- an hand full of nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashew, whatever you have or prefer)

- desicated coconut, flaxseeds, hemspeeds, (raw) cacao powder or whatever you have to garnish with.
- (optional) gojiberries

Put the dates, de nuts, cacaopowder and the gojiberries in the food processor and mix until smooth. You can roll little balls with your hand and roll them afterwards in the garnish you prefer. Pretty easy right? Enjoy your amazing raw cacao bliss balls:-)

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