Thursday, 16 May 2013

What kind of energy do you take in?

Be aware of what you put into your body. What kind of food you eat, how you eat your food, but also what kind of emotions and feelings you let trough to get into your body. Do you have any idea what kind of effect food, emotions & thoughts have on us? On our mind, on our bodies? Your body and mind don't only need to process what you eat but also how you feel and what you think.

This also counts for the "life energy" of your food. 

Do you eat food coming from living plants or do you eat food which is dead, such as meat? 

Do you nourish your body with living food?

Or do you give it food which has got murdered with thoughts and feelings of pain, fear and sadness?

It is really important to realise what you eat and how you nourish your body. This counts for your body as for your mind, which ofcourse means that body & mind are both connected. 

If you eat "negative energy" food it will take a lot of happy and positive energy to process that food. If you have a lot of "negative emotions" it will take a lot of happy emotions and energy to process your emotions. Try to realise what it is what you think, feel, drink & eat. 

The energy of your food & mood is important. It can heal you or it can make you sick. It can make you feel happy & energised or it can lower your energy & make you feel depressed. Be aware of what you eat. Be aware of what you feel. Be aware of what you think. And last but not least: Be aware of what you let go trough your body. 

You don't want to feed your body & mind with negative energies! Eat and think happy to feel happy!

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