Thursday, 9 May 2013

Butter spelt spaghetti with nuts

I've recently found out that garlic is giving my skin a bit of a problem. Well if I eat it too much...for the Ayurvedic lifestylers within here: it aggravates my Pitta.Basically I feel so bummed that I found it out, as one of my all time favourite ingredients is garlic. So I need to be careful with my garlic intake and use it moderately. 

Then again, pasta's are most of the time on their best with a bit of a garlic spice, so it gave me the opportunity to cook a new style garlic free pasta and it was pret-ty tasty;-) What do you need for this mild and delicious pasta recipe?

* serves 1
* 15 minutes

- (spelt/quinoa/kamut/wheat) spaghetti

- 2- 3 tblsp vegan butter
- 1 handful of sliced basil leaves
- an handul of roasted pinenuts
- 1 tblsp slivered almonds
- an handful walnuts (optional)

For the vegan homemade Parm cheese:

- 2 tblsp nutritional yeast
- 1 teaspoon salt
- 2 tblsp roasted sesame seeds

Cook the pasta according to preparation.  Mix all ingredients for the vegan Parm cheese and grind it well in a mortar until fine. Put the cooked pasta in a bowl or in the same pan where you have cooked it in and add some vegan butter and mix it well. Mix the nuts with the pasta and serve on a plate with some basil on top of it. Serve the vegan Parm cheese with it. Enjoy your tasty and delicious garlic free pasta;-)

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